Welcome to the 21 Day Ritual Bonding Series

Demon Bonding Ritual Series

21 Days of Rituals

Once you have received your vessel with your demon connected to it (or before as demons have the ability to be near you even when their vessel is not, they are not imprisoned in the vessel, they are connected to it), it is important to take some time to get to know your new friend.

We have included the 21 day Bonding Ritual Series to help you…

~ Connect with your companion.

~ Learn to communicate with them.

~ Build a solid working relationship and communication foundation.

These are the three main goals of this course!

Communicating with them and building a foundation with them is important so that you can get to know them and develop a powerful working relationship. You will also want to find out more about their personality, what are their quirks, and what they are like as an individual. Deatils about them will be included in their scroll to help get you started.

Each demon is an individual. They have their own likes and dislikes and it is important to realize that you are dealing with a sentient being who is very powerful and has chosen to come here to work with you. They should not be ordered around or threatened. They will respect your house, but respect is a mutual thing and respect should be shown to your demon.

Demons are like people. No two are the same. This ritual series is designed to help you..

~ Bond with your demon

~ Allow you to get to know them

~ Learn about them and their talents

~ Learn how you two can work together so that your demon will be able to help you, meet your needs, and guide you to where you want to go.

This ritual series is to be done over a 21 day period. You should select a time when you can commit to doing the ritual daily so that you can establish a connection routine with your Demon. During these rituals, you will take the time to communicate with your new demon and really bond with them. Each ritual is unique and different and designed to help, stimulate your psychic senses and align your energies with your demon. You will get a well-rounded sense of how to communicate with them.

Pick a time that you will perform this ritual daily. Whether it be the morning, afternoon or evening it does not matter. Consistency though is important so will want to pick a time of day that you can commit to performing this ritual to bond with your demon. The more you invest in connecting with your Demon the stronger your abilities will become and the easier it will be to receive guidance and wisdom from them.

Our clients have reported demons telling them actions they should take, investments they need to take, warnings they need to hear, and messages that they need to receive. Your demon is observing the world from the spiritual plane and can see things that you cannot. The information that they have for you is incredible.

Even if you cannot hear them they can hear you and they will work in the background to help you get what you desire, however having a communication base with them takes this process to the next level as you end up working with them to manifest, shift and shape the world around you. It is powerful work and it is why we recommend investing in the time it takes to establish this communication with them. The experiences you have with them will be incredible!

Have a journal to detail each of these interactions and rituals with your demon. It is really important to make note of any sensations, impressions, images, and feelings that you have. The more you journal your experiences the clearer your growth will become. You will start to see patterns and see where your strengths are, this will allow you to customize your routine so that you are playing to your strengths and developing your skill. Make sure you record any dreams that you have during this time period as your demons will try to connect with you through a number of means.

These rituals are designed to help attune you to your demons’ energy frequencies and build a communication foundation to begin working with your demon companion.

Pay attention as well to things that happen in your environment, even if you cannot communicate they can hear you and they will be working to make contact but influence and shifting your environment and you will see signs around you. You will see signs and they will guide you to the resources that you need.

Remember learning to connect with and work with demons is a journey. It is one that will grow and develop as you grow and develop. Take the time to invest into your connection with your demon as you would a close friend. What you put into this is what you are going to get out of it. Don’t give up and know that you can do this. Everyone is psychic, everyone has the ability to connect with and work with Demon Companions!

In the next sections you will find all 21 rituals to help you connect with and bond with your Demon Companion.