Taking Care of your Magickal

These pieces are charged with Sexual Lust Energy and cast with powerful energies.

It does not require charging as they are spelled to self-contain their energies. There are also special shields which surround the magickal to keep the energies strong, though putting them in a charging bag cannot hurt.

It might help to increase their strength depending on the charging bag.

The energy can be tapped into by following the instructions provided in this course. There are things you can do to cleanse your magickal, and refresh its energies,

~You can place it under the new or full moon and allow the moonlight energy to refresh the energies of your magickal.

~You can wash your magickal in pure water which will help to refresh its energies.

~You can move your magickal through incense smoke to refresh its energies.

~ If you are infused with the energies of this Magickal, shower or bath and any self-care regime can help refresh the energies and your connection to them.

Taking this magickal into a Church or other religious area will not damage it and will not harm it. The energies are designed to be permanent and will not be cleansed or removed from your aura, and they cannot be broken or destroyed.

If you are infused with the magickal essence, and you no longer wish to have the infusions linked to your aura, send us an email to demons@demoncompanions.com, and we can either remove it or transfer it to another item for you.

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