Video Tarot Of Demonic Insights ~ A Powerful Video Reading by Velca

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This Reading, it’s content and words are created and written by the priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple.  If you see it listed on any other site it is a forgery.


We are proud to offer these incredible readings done by our Coven Member, Velca.  A skilled psychic and one who sees into the deep layers of the Spiritual World.  Those who have had his readings know of his incredible gifts and the profound insights that he offers.  


We have revamped this reading to give you more content and more access to Velca. Come on this journey where Velca will record for you a Video Tarot reading exploring your energies and the messages that the demons and spirits have for you! Listen to Velca’s words as he shares with you, the divine secrets of darkness.


He has been on a demonically inspired path for over 15 years and how he first got his start in spirituality was being exposed to psychics of various skills. Between his work and connections with Archangels and now being on the Demonosophy path working with various demonic deities, he has developed a very unique way of doing readings working with both Angels and Demons.


This reading is unique in that while he uses tarot for guidance, he gets in a meditative space and goes to an astral space to connect to your guides and companions to get the messages they feel need to be relayed to you.  He reaches into the essence of your astral temple and hears the whispers from within.  


Velca is a talented and skilled astral traveler who can peer into the realms and connect with the divine energies of your being.  Let him take you on a journey, a journey of what messages are waiting for you.


When he welcomes these energies into his space, a unique experience starts to happen where they present to him visions. Details are seen of beings, a channeling process starts to occur and a lot of words in the reading end up being straight from the guide or companion’s mouth.  He shifts into a trance completely aligned and attuned to your energies, revealing to you the messages that are there. 


The video reading will…

~ Affirm things that you’ve felt in your being but never vocalized.

~ Reveal to you advice and wisdom from divine beings.

~ Give you a unique and empowered perspective of yourself from the Divine consciousness. 

~ Reveal to you the truths that are hidden and concealed within your soul.

~ Unveil profound and forgotten insights that are dormant within you

~ Show you the beautiful and amazing individual that you are

~ Shine a light in the darkness of your life and give you guidance and direction.


This a reading of choice, a reading that will layout your path,  Velca does not dictate the course of what is to come, he will not tell you what will happen in the future, instead he will empower you with divine messages and reveals to you the path which will lead you to where you want to go.


History is not written in stone and this reading will empower you to take control of your life.  This is a reading for people who feel lost on their path, whether that be spiritually, financially, or in relation to your love life and work life.


Your soul will speak and Velca will listen and share with you what he sees.  


The focus and ultimate goal is to address the now and the steps you should take for your future to manifest what you really desire.  This is a reading of understanding where you are and knowing how to take the steps to where you would like to go.  This is a reading of empowerment where you will begin to learn that you can control your destiny and shape where you are headed.


See what others have to say!

“My Tarot reading from Velca captured the energies from where I was perfectly and gave me just what I needed to hear at the time. The insights he shared were profound and he described where I had passed as well as where I was currently in my path. His words were uplifting and the reading itself was beautiful and very poetic. The symbols he picked up on were personally meaningful to me and the reading stuck with me as I continued about my day and week, reflecting on his words and the insight he provided.”

~Eilana Nightshade


“When Velca read for me I wasn’t prepared for how soul-reaching the result would be. This experience left me in a surround of sobering, divine energy that eased me into it’s message and resoundingly seemed to walk me into a place where I could not only witness, but totally absorb the guidance at hand. It was so personal, connective to my being and elegantly profound in how it spoke to me.

You get an absolute sense that he has pushed past barriers within you to the ethereal core of the matter. These are vital conveyances, they may be truths that have been within you all along but not given a voice until, in that moment, becoming liberated with one.

The way this was captured was immersive and impressively aligned with much I have been going through. It’s allowed me to embrace the wonderful change afoot for me with less trepidation, and brought a little spark of wonder to the darkness.

Velca is a genuine mystic who I have found is sincerely gifted and engaged with your journey, he is attentive to what reveals itself and has brought me a reading I know I will cherish now, and in time to come.”



You have so much power and potential in you and sometimes it just takes one to believe in you, to see the brilliance and the beauty to impact profound change.  Velca is aligned with the demonic divine in a profound way and it is through that alignment that power through words is restored to you.


To be provided the most unbiased guidance from beings that see the whole picture is something that has endless value. They see the entire puzzle, they know where you want to go in life and it’s up to you to take their advice and trust in the divinity fully and allow them to guide you.

This is a Video Reading.  You will receive a 45-60 minute reading done by Velca.  You will receive a private link to your reading when it is completed where you can listen to it as many times as you want.  Much like Velca’s popular pick a card videos, this Video reading is customized for you!


Let Velca Share Divine insights with you…
If you are ready please purchase the reading above


***With all our readings, we get impressions and interpretations which we translate for you, all readers are different and all readers read from different energies and have their own unique way of interpreting those energies. We can only tell you what we get and we will tell you honestly what comes to us.  If you are expecting a specific answer and cannot handle something that is different we suggest you not get a reading and continue your spiritual path on your own.  Readings are the interpretation of psychic readers reading the energies and telling you the messages and impressions that they get.  True psychics will tell you what they see whether you want to hear it or not, if you are not in a place to hear these things, please do not purchase a reading.

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3 reviews for Video Tarot Of Demonic Insights ~ A Powerful Video Reading by Velca

  1. RevenantOracle (verified owner)

    This reading was absolutely worth the wait. Velca was able to tap into my current situation so strongly, and lay out the forces at work which I had been struggling with on my own. With everything so laid out, I was able to really see everything going on, and make strong, firm decisions moving forward.

    Velca has a beautiful gift and I highly recommend this reading.

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    So this is my 2nd reading I’ve had done by Velca and let me say that he is by far 1 of the most talented readers I’ve ever had the opportunity of getting a reading from and I’ve had many diff style of readings done by many people throughout my lifetime. I still am amazed at how talented he is and really picks up on your energy so unique his style of readings are and I just really do love them.
    Thank you so much Velca for the Oracle video reading you had done forme a lil bitback few months ago. I really loved it and was amazed at all the things you told me and also the dark Lord’s and lady I had come thru was very shocking I never expected them and was really happy to hear who came thru for me. Anyone that is thinkn of purchasing a reading from Velca, my advice go for it you will be so glad you did! Very talented guy he is and i can’t recommend him enough!! Thank you Velca ???

  3. LEVIA (verified owner)

    I had been waiting for the video reading about a month, and IT WAS WORTH WAITING!!!
    Mr. Velca has the most talented skills in channeling and tarot reading, PERIOD.
    He has told me something that I was just about to achieve and I didn’t even mention to him before, especially in a month ago.
    His suggestions are so on point, everything explained well and he didn’t just “telling you what the future would happen” like others, he give you guidances, very useful guidances.
    Thank you so much Mr. Velca, I appreciate you work.

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