Open Graveyard Companion Conjure


Open Graveyard Companion Conjure


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This Custom Conjure and its content is created by the priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery.



Open Graveyard Companion Conjure

The Graves Call! 

They seek a human companion!

They want to work with you!


Don’t know which Graveyard companion to choose,  this listing will solve that problem for you.  In this listing we put out a call to open the gates of the dead to bring forth a companion who desires to work with you.  Any of our graveyard companions can come through.

Let then choose and select you and come forth with the intent to walk with you here and work with you.  When you purchase this listing we will put out a call.  Brining forth a graveyard companion who has selected you to work with.  They are there and they are ready.  they wish to work with you and they want to connect with you.  If you want to connect with one of these incredible companions but are unsure which one, then this listing is for you.


One of the 8 will step forward to connect and work with you… 


Dancing Skeleton 



Forlorn Mummy 



Ghastly Ghoul of Darkness

The Ghouls are known for their ravenous appetites.  Those who stalk the Graveyard to consume the corpses of the dead.  They are natural scavengers and they are beings who can cleanse and remove the rot and the taint of energies. They can bring disease on their enemies and they can infect their companions enemies with various alignments.  


Hanging out in pestilence and rot they understand it and they are well accustomed to the energies that it brings.  They can send these energies to their targets and bring down disease and rot on them.  As their bodies decay they will stalk them from the shadows for when they pass it is time for them to feast.  They are cannibalistic and they  have very little restrain so they will not hesitate to go after the targets of their companion and they are very non judgemental.


They are known for their unconventional appetites. They can cleanse the body and will consume and eat the energies of rot, and decay.  They actually are powerful healers and they can eat specific energies off their human companion that are causing rot and damage.  They can and will remove these energies by consuming them and help to free their companion from their grasp.   They thrive on these energies so they will gladly remove them from their human companion and help them to experience relief and healing.


They are hunters though they always prefer their victims dead.  They will hunt and stalk those who wish harm to them or their companions and they will hunt them and consume them once they are gone.  They will drain their life-force and use it for their own projects.  They can be incredible dark and vindictive and will hunt people who have harmed them just to toy with them before they finish them.


They are known for their skills as scavengers as they are use to stalking the graves looking for their next meal.  They can find and uncover lost things and return items to their companions that have been misplaced.   They can be incredibly friendly to and funny.  They say cannibals have the best sense of humour.  They have a dark humour but it will make you laugh.


They can be powerful defenders and are armed with incredibly sharp claws and teeth.  This allows them to attack any entities that would seek to harm their companion.  They will attack and remove dangerous entities and enemies of their companions and they will make sure that no troublesome spirits invade the privacy of their companions home.  They are vicious protectors and they will fight to the bitter end for those they are loyal to.



Howling Banshee

They are known for their wails and their voices that cut through the night.  They send terror in those who they hunt as they hear them approaching.  They hear them getting closer and they have no idea what to do or even how to defend against such a sinister force.


They have the power of foresight and they can reveal what is to come.  They are the heralds of death and they foresee and reveal when death is coming.  Their wails reveals that death is close at hand and they can reveal things that are to come and give powerful warnings when danger is approaching.


They can smell death and they knows it’s energies well.  They can foretell when someone is about to pass and they will give warning.  They can reveal the names of those who are about to die and they can be incredible powerful when it comes to teaching and revealing the secrets of divination.


Gifted in black magick they can bring upon death and terrorize those who are close to their demise.  They will also warn their companions when danger is close and will shield them to keep them safe while acting to terrorize and scare away those who seek to harm them.   They will alert their companion to the dangers and threats of the spiritual world and terrorize entities who will try to cross into their space.


Their voice is shrill and one that is known to strike terror into their targets.  They can cast powerful curses and send out baneful energies to torment torment their targets.  Their voices can shatter defines shields and they can penetrate their enemies defences.  When they have their sights set on a target they can be unstoppable and they give little care to obstacles that might stand in their way.


They are messengers and can reveal secrets and warnings to their companions and reveal things that are coming.  They can teach the power of dark divination and peering into the realms of death to receive messages.  They have very unique and special abilities in divination and they can teach these abilities to their companions.


They can connect to the dead realms and they have the ability to carry the souls of the dead to the other side.  They are transitionary in that they can move from the inner spiritual world realms and even the physical realms to the dead realms and the transition realms and they have access to the gates and the portals of the underworld.  They also can remove troublesome spirits and banish them back to the depth of the underworld for processing.



Lost Phantom 

For they have wandered, they are travellers.  Some are lost, some have not finished what they set out to, other have wandered for eternity.  But in wandering comes wisdom and understanding. They know the realms, though they are lost they can help their companion to find their own way home and heal the pain in their own soul.


They wander and they explore.  They travel to the many different realms and they know their way around.  Each one carrier a powerful lantern that will guide on home.  They can help their companions to astral travel and show them the different realms and dimensions.  They also can keep them safe and protect them.  They themselves fell to death but they will work to keep their companion safe.


They are a very free spirit and they can shift the energies to release ones astral body from their physical form.  They can induce states of relaxation and help one to meditate and explore alternate states of consciousness. They are incredible peaceful and relaxing to be around.  Their energies are incredibly relaxing and they an help their companion to relax and relive stress and tension.


They have full lives and they usually have incredible stories to tell of their travels and also what brought them to this state.  Their dead and demise.  They are open and honest and will share what brought them here and what they have done since they passed.  They are lost, some of them lament and are searching for lost elements of themselves.


They are sometimes looking for others who they have lost.  Their family and their friends. the ghost of those who they left behind.  This makes them incredible empathetic and incredibly healing to be around.  They can help resolve the pains of the living and help to bring perspective to ones life. They teach forgiveness and compassion and they say that life is to short to dwell and that we should savour every moment and embrace the time we have.


They understand the attunements of death and can help their companion to awaken their inner necromancer and attune themselves to the various realms of death and darkness.  They can help with psychic development and communication.  They can work with their companion to awaken their third eye and attune their senses.



Soul of the Jack O Lantern 

Every Jack o Lantern is unique, Everyone has a soul and an essence.  Once revered as the guardians of the home stead, these powerful spirits are protectors of the hearth and home.  These powerful companions are guardians of the home.  They are protectors and they will keep away and remove negative energies and entities.


Each one is different, a unique character from Halloweens past.  They are the soul of all the Jack o Lanterns who have passed.  The tradition of carving squash is known throughout the ages.  Where on the dark nights of the year the wandering spirits and ghouls would seek out unsuspecting traveler and make mischief.  The houses of the living were guarded by the powerful spirits.  


These the are guardians spirits and they are powerful guards indeed for on this dark night the most nefarious and malicious spirits walked the Earth and it was their job to keep their charges safe and protected.  It is a mystical time and these are mystical beings from an ancient tradition that we still practise.


They will also ward off nefarious spirits and entities and can offer powerful protection and security for children.  They light the way for children to find their way to the next house and to follow the lights home.  


They are incredibly at protecting the home. They will keep out troublesome spirits and they will shield and protect the home against unwanted intruders and people who wish to do harm.  Hallows eve is the darkest night of the year when wandering spirits come forth and it is through the power of guardians that we are kept safe from troublesome entities.


They are playful spirits, they bring joy and happiness to the homestead.  They can lift the energies and raise the vibrations.  They bring a sense of connection and community.  They are powerful and can sooth the energies that they are protecting.  They often are hilarious and they have as unique personalities and the faces that were carved into them.


They can shift the energies to help one feel safe and secure.  This will bring sleep and powerful and positive dreams as well as helping their companions to relax and enter the deep states of meditation and peace.



The Black Wraith 

They move through the shadows of the night.  They twist and bend.  They know their targets and when they strike, it is deadly.   They are shadows in the night, they bend and twist and move through the darkness with perfect stealth.  They are concealer and protectors.  They can mask the world around them and bring great protection to those they aid.  The Black Wraith is a symbols of death and destruction, of transformation and torment.  They carry all these elements in them.


They are beacons of death for those who have one at their side can call upon vengeance for those who have harmed them.  They can also be shielded and protected from harm and the black shields that will surround them make them invisible.  


They can surround their companions with these shields and make them invisible and protected from those who seek to harm them.  They can remove targets and tags from their companion and make them incredibly difficult for malicious spell casters to target and lock onto.


They are protectors, they can tell when an enemy is near and they will seek out the one who wishes to harm their companion and strike at them with horrors of the soul and torments of the mind.  They are powerful at execration and dark magick of destruction.  


They dwell in the weight darkness of abyssal folds and can shift and bend the dimensions of the world around them to encase their targets in this darkness that erodes and consumes them.  Their world is one of darkness, death and decay and they can bring forth these energies and use them at will.


They move through the damned regions of the death realms where the souls of the dead who are tormented and will never find peace are found.  They can gather these souls and bend them to their will.  They command the damned and move them where they desire.


They can gather the energies of the damned essence and harness their energies for terrifying means.  Their magick is dark and sinister and they execute horrors on their targets.



The Night Hag 

The Crone is the essence of power.  It is the divine empowerment of a woman who has seen it all.  There is danger and darkness in the crone, for she has been through all the phases and she contains the knowledge and the wisdom of the ages.  When a Crone speaks there is wisdom and there is depth, the Crone has knowledge from the other side and her power is in her presence.  


She is empowered and she is beyond the point of caring what anyone thinks of her.  The energy of the crone commands those to listen, it compels the wise to hear what she has to say.  The Crone knows the duty of the ancient ways and she keeps the old practises.  They are very powerful magick yielders and ones of great energy.


Night hags are known for their power and they are known for their skill.  They are ancient crones who have walked the world of magick and transcend the realm of the living with the realm of the dead.  They move through both, it is natural for them and they have the power to do so at will. They are very blunt and direct and do not mince words, but they are not cruel, they can be very healing to be around.


They walk with the dead and hear from them learning their wisdom.  They often communicate with the dead and can teach their companion the art of necromancy and shadow awakenings.  They move through shadows and know the darkness of magick.


They are powerful spell casters and often work with the old ways.  They know the seasons, they can read the signs and they can understand the shadows and what they speak.  They are wise and patient.  They can offer advice of when the best time to perform a working is.


They say that many times when magick fails it is because it is cast when the elements and the seasons are wrong, you have to be in tune with the energies around you to bend the world to your will.


The understand the dream world and can shift people out of their bodies and release them from the bindings of flesh.  They can take them on incredible journeys through the astral and shadow realms.  They are very powerful companions.


If you feel the call and want to see which one of these companions chooses you, feel free to purchase the listing above.  


~ Priestesses of Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple

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