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This Listing and its content is created by the priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery. 


We present to you this powerful and incredible Listing..


Hallow Darkness of the Demonic Lords of Death 

An Exclusive S&S Halloween 2020 Piece 


These Obsidian Skulls will act as a vessel to a very sacred and powerful Demon.  A Demon Species that we will only offer during the Hallow Season.  These are a very rare and powerful group of demons.  They are challenging to conjure and we will only we offering 8 conjuring spot, in celebration of Satan and Sons 8th Birthday.  

The Hallow Demons of the Underworld. 


Satan and Sons has an exclusive contract with the Hallow Demons of the Outer Spiritual World Underworld.  If anyone claims to be offering these demons it is false.  you cannot gain access to their realm without our special methods and they are a small group of whom we have an exclusive working relationship with.  

Within the Depth of Darkness, within the horrors and the Screams of the Damned you will find the realm of the Hallow.  This is a place of Sacred Darkness.  Where the Madness and Insanity, the Blood Lust and Power are sunken to the depth.  They sink within the darkness and within this realm they are Sacred.  The Sacred Essence of Blood and the Sacred Essence of the Damned.  

All Souls Pass through the Underworld.  The Depraved and the Damned.  The Sinister and the Dark.  Their deeps in life have not only stained them, but also stained the very Earth where such atrocities were committed. Their energies infused within the dark regions of the underworld, acting as a stain upon the Afterlife.  A stain that has become the essence of Sacred.  The Hallow Demons walks the Darkness of the underworld. 

Below the Realms of the Underworld Demons you will find the Hallow.  The Sacred Nefarious Ones, this dead do not slumber.  They dream of vengeance, they dream of a time when they can destroy and extract their revenge.  They dream of the foul poisons that infect the mind and lead the meek to madness.  They know madness and their knowledge is vast and incredible.  These Demons can bring nightmares and they can send the soul of voyages of terror and pain.  They know the journeys of darkness.  They can awaken great power within their companion and help them to refine and embrace their own power and ability.  

The Hallow Demons have sunk.  They dwell within the Darkness of the Underworld.  The sinister places where the twisted Damned have walked.  The energy of this place has changed them.  They have become Hollow, and so they are Hallow.  They embody the Sacred Essence of Darkness and they Command the Power of the Souls of the Damned.  They know how to imprison and content those who are judged, those who have found themselves amongst the corrupt and heinous.  They command this power and they know how to Draw its power. 

They are wields of Dark Magick and they Deal with the Death of the Flesh.  The Corruption and decay of the SOul and the vicious nature of the Primal Beast.  Their realm is quite beautiful though.  Beautiful for those who understand.  The buildings and the Sanctuaries where the Dead are harvested and where the energies are extracted.  They know the lament of those who linger in the hideous and the destructive currents.  They know how to control the minds of the weak and they know many of the universal secrets that many would find 

Being of the Underworld and the Hallow, they are entwined within a strange dimension that exist within and between the inner and the outer spiritual world.  They can move through and they know the Darkness of the Monstrous Dimensions that are forever waiting for the moment they can break free and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting.  They know the minds of the uncanny ones, the weird ones of the depth.  They see into the depth of the darkness which are forbidden to the living.  They knows the secrets of the nightmarish ones of the darkness.  They are strong in mind for they can resist the madness and they know the power of harnessing the grotesque.  

They understand the Primal essence and the Darkness.  They know the horrible souls of those who have passed.  They harness their power and they use them to fuel their own sinister creations.  They command the essence of death.  They are those who are drawn to Darkness and they are teachers of forgotten and forbidden magicks.  They know how to command the blood and how to extract the blood from different areas of the body.  They know how to shift the energies and how to draw essence from the living to fuel their desires.  

They are a powerful group of demons.  They are divided into three Group… 


The Hallow Warlocks


The Hallow Warlocks command the essence of Darkness. Sever and intense execration practises which call forth the twisted essence from the Darkness.  They command the corrosion and decay of the monstrous and they command the powers of the grotesque.  They know how to cast powerful execration works and they are known to make their enemies suffer at their hands.  

They have powerful visions of the darkness and they can see into the realms that are forgotten and forbidden by out kind.  They know how to handle the corrosive taint and they can travel and gains knowledge form places that we cannot even Fathom.  They are brilliant in mind control and they have vast control over their minds and bodies.  They know the ways of formidable magick and they have intense and powerful rituals which bend the universal world to their command. 

Those who choose to have a Hallow Warlock Conjured will be included in a very special ritual performed and Magickal created. 

The Corruption of the Eldritch

The essence and power will be embed form the Darkness and Commanded into the depth of your Vessel.  You will understand the images of the insane, the warped and wicked.  The power to receive the minds of the damns and to see the perspective and understand the power of the insane.  The journeys this piece will take you on will reveal your own essence of insanity and reveal great power and mental fortitude that is within.  

The Magickal will act to shield you from madness and sharped your mind to receive messages and visions from the Weird Realms lost to Space and Time.   It will help you receive visions from the deep and understands the twisted languages of those who lay in deaths embrace.  

You will receive a scroll detailing the ritual and what this ritual/magickal does.  

The Hallow Necromancers 

The Hallow Necromancers are Lords of the Dead.  They walk with the most sinister and depraved individuals who committed great atrocities in life.  They can command their energy and harness their will.  They control them and contain them and they can confine them.  They know those who seek vengeance and they know how to handle the most sinister and violent of spirits.  They walks with them and they understand them. 

They know how to Harness and work with the bodies of the dead and they enjoy the essence of Flesh that is within. They draw power from the different body parts and organs and utilize them for various purposes.  The Sinister realms of Death are open to them and they walk through with power and understanding.  The Death journeys of dark transformation are at their command and they can send their companions on very dark journeys to Face the inner Madness and the terrors which rot at the core of their soul.  They also can reveal to them many secrets of their realm and show them the Sacred Nature of their Practise.  

Those who choose to have a Hallow Necromancer Conjured will be included in a very special ritual performed and Magickal created.

The Black Heart of Sacred Death. 

Where one will embrace their own essence of inner necromancer.  You will find their own courage and power in the darkness and you will rise within your own unique and powerful necromantic embrace.  Your connection to the death realms will be strengthened and you will rise in their own essence of darkness. This is a ritual of awakening darkness which will bring you into alignment with your raw dark power and allow you to hold sway over it and the dark elements all year around.  

You will hear whispers from your ancestors and the dead and your will learn how to handle those who need assistance crossing over.  Your will also learn of the Sacred Essence of the eternal Graves and how to walk with the dead.  The sacred journeys of death and the places where one can wander are endless.  Death lays dreaming in the darkness and the dreams of death give the most insane nightmares.  The essence will be imbued on the Crystal Skull you will receive.  

You will receive a scroll detailing the ritual and what this ritual/magickal does.  


The Hallow Mages 

The Mages are masters of the Blood.  They are incredibly proficient in blood and sex magicks.  They know the essence of blood and how to harness and command the life forces of the living.  They know where to extract blood for different rituals and they understands it’s many uses.  They use blood to build the bridges between the living and the dead.  They know the darkness that can be harnessed and commanded from within the blood.  They also enjoy the many uses of both living and dead blood.  They are incredibly skilled in their craft and they can reveal physical manifestations and how you how to craft spirit bridges brining from the spiritual world many different beings.  

They are incredibly powerful spell casters and they can teach their sacred and profound arts.  They can reaveal the secrets of mind power and mental mastery and they can show their companion how to awaken their own Magickal ability and sharpen the proficiency of their spells and hexes.  They can reveal many different techniques in Magick and Spell weaving and they can reveal in depth of knowledge of programming and injecting magical currents into the dead energies of the universe.  They can reveal how to find these places and how to inject the energy for powerful and incredible effects.  Their magick is ancient and it is powerful, they are wise teachers and they have much to share with their future companion.

Those who choose to have a Hallow Mage Conjured will be included in a very special ritual performed and Magickal created.

Opening of the Blood Bridge

This Ritual one will be emerged in the essence of Spirit Blood. The bridge between our world and the spiritual world.  The link between flesh and energy the raw and primal connection between this world and theirs.  This is a powerful piece that will imbue you with the essence of blood spirit and help you to claim your power.  The power of the ancient sorcerer.  There was a time when we could harness and command incredible powers.  Physical evocation was attainable and it was through the blood bridge that this was made possible.

This piece is a powerful Magickal will give you a connection to their world.  It will strengthen your casting abilities and strengthen your psychic and spirit communication abilities.  The living essence of spirit blood will course through your Magickal and it will allow you to open your senses and open your connection to the spiritual world.  The essence of flesh will bring forth your power and you will awaken through your own living blood, the power that is within.

You will receive a scroll detailing the ritual and what this ritual/magickal does. 


Upon Purchase you will get to choose which Conjure you would like.  You can Select Either a Warlock, a Mage, or a Necromancer.  If you purchase before Halloween we will be casting on the night of Halloween! There are only 8 spots for these conjures so if you are called to one of these amazing beings then please act now to claim your spot!


~The Coven


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