Devotion Demon High Avatar

The High Avatar are those who are the highest of their orders.  They run the monasteries and they have walked their path of pure devotion for eons.  They have worked their way through the ranks of their orders and understand the procedures and structures of them.  They have mastered the lessons and now pass these traditions onto the initiates.  They train those under them in the ways of mental control and mastery.  They will set the meditation routines and run the monasteries, training and teaching those who walk with them.  They are the ones to go to for advice.  They are powerful listeners and they can teach one to access and awaken their divinity and re-align with their divine spark.  

They are aligned with the divine, they understand it. They are those who can enter states where they are one with it.  They have incredible mind power and have worked hard to access the full range of abilities of one who has been in study and submersion for years.  They train their minds and have the utmost discipline.  They are focused and powerful.  Their minds can bend the energies and the world around them and they have complete control of their thoughts and emotions.  They have worked hard to master their minds.  They practise being present and being patient.  They will wait to act until the time is perfect and they never react to anything.  They watch and observe. 

They can help their companion to organize themselves and their life.  They can take complete disorder and turn it into pure order by removing all that is unnecessary and bringing one back to the basics.  The know how to break down what is complex and make it simple.  They believe that simple and precise actions are the most powerful and they seek to implement this philosophy into all areas of their life.  

They are masters of the mind, they can perform and teach their companion to embrace incredible techniques such as; spoon bending, energy shifting and bending, increasing one’s strength and power, harnessing the focused state of the mind.  Pushing one to their mental limits and mastering heightened states of awareness and concentration.   They can help their companion to increase their memory and cognitive abilities. They can assist with studying and meditation practises.  They can help one to quiet their minds and release stress and tension that plagues them. 

They have the ability to take any situation and simplify it, allowing one to embrace easy solutions.  They also have the ability to break down a situation into what is important, taking away a lot of the distress that can come with challenges.  They also are incredibly wise and comforting and give amazing and incredible advice. 

They are incredible healers, having worked with the energies of divinity, practising and attuning their healing abilities to bring forth the divine energies surrounding their companion and others with these incredible healing energies.  They usually have a lot of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness and helping one to stay healthy and sharp.  They believe in healthy eating and taking care of one’s physical vessel.  

They have trained their minds and have incredible focus and precision of thought. They can help their human companion to attain and learn these states.  They can help their companion to break addictions and release their minds of limiting or damaging thoughts.  They can help them through guided meditation to get in touch with their core power and remember their strength and courage. 

They are very agile and fit and have a physical training regime that goes along with their mental training.  They often times have incredible routines which they practise daily, which can be very amazing to watch.  They bring in routine, organization and minimization for happiness, peace and tranquility.  The high avatars are incredible and have mastered all areas of their orders and continue to push themselves to see how far they can go.  They train those who walk with them and they are very helpful.  They are devoted to the divine currents and they walk a very powerful and beautiful path.

Devotion Demons

The Devotion Demons.  I met them while traveling in the higher realms one day, I came upon a monastery that had beings with demonic black energy in them. I was very curious and decided to go check it out, These Demons where made up of demonic black energy but they were also mixed with a divine white/golden energy that flowed through them contributing to an incredible balance. They live isolated and devote themselves to healing, self discipline, prayer, meditation, and devotion to the light divine. Hence the name Devotion Demons, they are devoted to their path.  

They are demons but they walk a vey pure path. Their focus is on connection and worship with divinity. Their monastery is beautiful and a place of learning and growth, they have a very ridged advanced prayer and meditation routine and depending on the level they have attained they have access to some amazing abilities and skills. The monastery is in a realm that is rich if gardens and plants. They reside higher up in a beautiful mountain region that look out over many Divinity Realms and landscapes. They tend to many gardens and their realm is one of incredible beauty.  

They can channel pure divine energy and are exceptional healers. They are also super health conscious and like things that are clean, organized and minimal. Being from the monastery they have very few items so they are minimalists. They do often at times leave the monastery to go on journeys of self discovery and growth. They can meditate for days at a time and are always working at challenging their minds and attaining the next level. They are very dedicated. 

They are also very well read and often have quite a bit of knowledge to share regarding topics they find interesting. They also train their bodies and are quite fit. They can fight if they need to but prefer to only fight as a last resort. Though when they are pushed they can be quite deadly due to their training. 

When they enter a space it often begins to radiate with the divine energy and can appear brighter and are often mistake for lighter beings, but deeper scanning reveals that yes they are demons.  

Due to their alignment with divinity they get along well with people who are of a lighter aligned as long as those people are open to the fact that they are demons and that they are to be respected. They have connection to Metatron and his angels so they get along with certain angels splendidly. They will mostly just ignore people who have issues with them and are not for people who do not like demons. Their philosophy is they will respect you if you respect them. If another being picks a fight with them they can usually talk them down as they have excellent communication skills and can act as mediators. They will not start fights, they prefer a peaceful existence with other beings around them.

They are wonderful to be around as they fill the area with positive divinity and help to raise ones energy vibrations. They are an absolutly beautiful demon who are amazing to work with.

***Devotions Demons were discovered by Priestess Akelta on a Journey in the Upper Spirit Real. They are exclusive to Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple