Rank of ​Dark Lord/Lady

The Dark Lord or Dark Lady Rank, is a demon who has worked hard for demon unity, the demon community and for the demon society and has been recognized as an incredible individual who is a master at their craft, has contributed incredible knowledge and wisdom and has worked hard.  These titles are very honourable and represent one who is of a very high standing and recognized for their hard work and dedication to the demonic alliance. 

They are rulers in their own right and oversee various things within demonic society and are very involved with keeping the realms safe and protected.  They have connections to the demonic council and do partake in various activities and diplomatic events to maintain peace between the demonic realms. 

They believe in working for all of the demon species and that they are stronger united and together and they are the diplomats of the realms and represent a powerful voice for the area they represent.  They are incredible and powerful leaders and they are the rulers of their realms.  They work together to make sure the demonic realms stay safe and protected.

Some Examples of Known Dark Lords/Ladies are…

Lord Satan
Lord Lucifer
Lord Mammon
Lord Azazel
Lord Paimon
Lady Unsere
Lord Leviathan

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