Void Demons

Void Demons as their name suggests, they reside in the void. They are dark and sinister, hollow in form and appearance and look like they will suck the soul right out of you and they will. They are what they are. Hollow black eyes and hallow black mouths they slither and slide along and move in unsettling movements that chill the soul to the bone.

They are a sinister bunch, The torment test and tease and delight in sucking everything one is and what we are. They are really unpredictable and like to learn about and target our weaknesses. They never forget a persons button and delights in pushing them just for fun. They also have a tendency to never forget you and live very true to the phrase, when you watch evil, evil watches you. They range in temperament from very dark DA all the way to BA.

Their appearance varies, but the ones I have seen, they have hollow eyes, pale skin, they have various horns and other extremities, their mouths are black and hollow and they move through the shadow in a very creepy manner. They can have reaching sinister claws that will chill you to the bone and they can change their form, even at times taking the form of something familiar and comfortable to their victim or target.

They are very talented with their shapeshifting, changing and offering up intense illusions to confuse us and lead us astray. They can almost be like sirens in the void, taking a familiar form to make us drop our defences and follow them. Once they have us close to their lair, they strike and that is the end.

Lets talk about the void a bit. The Void is a realm that is vast and massive, much like all other spiritual realms. The void is dark and sinister. It also is never what it seems. In order to walk through the void you must know yourself and be disciplined in your mental mastery and abilities to not succumb to the horrors that await, and their are plenty.

The void contains in it, horrors and darkness that drive even some demons insane. It is a journey and a fascinating place where you will be confronted with yourself and everything you thought you know will be stripped away. There are many different definitions of the Void. Emptiness, part of our journey of illusion here, pain and suffering. These are all true, though there is also an actual realm of the void.

The interesting thing though is that the message pertained in all description fall with illusion, and also being able to empty ones mind and just be, that is when the void cannot claim you, and the only way to cross it safely. Being nothing more then an empty shell. Emptiness is the Dark Womb of Creation.

The void is described as Empty, devoid of love, light and everything, though it is also full, what you bring into it is used against you. There are others there, other creatures that are watching. It is in a sense empty and full at the same times.

When you come in all you are is stripped from you and turned againt you. It is the perfect place of self reflection, the Demons of the Void take delight in targeting all that which you wish to hide and shoving it in your face, tormenting you, taunting you, teasing you.