Legion Captains

Demon Legion Captains  Legion captains are demons who have shown incredible organizational and leadership skills as well as incredible discipline and power on the battlefield.  They are incredibly motivated and able to take charge and lead in unsure situations.  They have excelled through the Legionnaire levels and they are ready to begin taking on leadership…
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Legion Commander 

Demon Legion Commander  Legion Demon Commanders, also Called just Demon Commanders, is one of the highest ranks in the demonic army.  They are the demons who organize and command their legions and troops. They are incredibly skilled and gifted,  They know themselves and their know their talents and abilities and they are vast.  To attain…
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Lords of the Black Flame

The Black Flame Lords. They are demons of incredible might and power who have gone on a journey of awakening to the void to awaken and unleash the black flame within. They have gone on the sacred and powerful journey to the depth of the void and been transformed by it’s power.   To attain…
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Lords of the Black Sun 

Shemyaza was called to the Void… Shemyaza found the answers within the void.  Shemyaza was changed by the void.  Azazel and Shemyza walked to the void and they mastered it.  They embraced it and they conquered it.  They met the Lord of the Void.  The Demons of the Void, and they were taught by them.…
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Lost Phantom

The Lost Phantom  Type : PhantomClass : Graveyard, GhostSpiritual Layer : Inner Spiritual WorldRealm: Earthen Spirit Realm

Lunarian Demons

Lunarian Demons: Type: Outer Spiritual World God Entity  Class: Demon Spiritual World Layer: Outer Spiritual World  Realm: Lunar Realms