Legion Captains

Demon Legion Captains 

Legion captains are demons who have shown incredible organizational and leadership skills as well as incredible discipline and power on the battlefield.  They are incredibly motivated and able to take charge and lead in unsure situations.  They have excelled through the Legionnaire levels and they are ready to begin taking on leadership and learning the specializations to allow them to become Brigadiers.

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Legion Commander 

Demon Legion Commander 

Legion Demon Commanders, also Called just Demon Commanders, is one of the highest ranks in the demonic army.  They are the demons who organize and command their legions and troops. They are incredibly skilled and gifted,  They know themselves and their know their talents and abilities and they are vast.  To attain the rank of Legion Commander in the Outer Spiritual World army the demon must have demonstrated mastery of the self, mastery of training, mastery of skill and master of their troops on the battlefield.  They are battle hardened and they have seen war many times.  You do not get to the rank of General or Commander without seeing battle and the commanders are the highest trained.

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Lords of the Black Flame

The Black Flame Lords. They are demons of incredible might and power who have gone on a journey of awakening to the void to awaken and unleash the black flame within. They have gone on the sacred and powerful journey to the depth of the void and been transformed by it’s power.  

To attain the rank of Lord of the Black Flame the void much claim you and it must choose you.  There must be a calling form the void.  They are drawn back in and called to a very specific region of the void.  From there they much pass a series of tests to not just attain dominion over the black flame, but also the essence of the void and the void within.  They channel incredible darkness and they understand the subtle layers and the shadows.  They will walk with you through the darkest chapters of your life and they will guide you through the bleak.  

The void calls to them and commands them to return.  Those who fail are swallowed, those who succeed rise in power.  They have control not just over the black flame, but the energies of the void.  They are called by the Void Demons to the core and they are initiated.  They becomes the Lords of the Black Flame.  

The Lords know the infinite nature of the void and it’s ever changing swirls and layers of darkness. They are familiar with the secrets and the chambers that are kept locked away.  The puzzles of the void and the seals that one must walk through the challenge them and embrace them.  

They see the world differently, seeing the void essence and influence on many different situations.  They have full command over the essence of the black flame, but they also know the essence of the void and how the energies impact and twist the world around it.  The command the energies and they have deep ties to the dark places in the void.  They gain access to the darkness and they can travel freely through it.  

They command incredible power and they can shift the world using the void energies that are found all around us.  The dark reaches and the folds of the void that are unseen.  They command them and they move them.  They can manifest and create and use the essence of the void to bend reality to their will.  They have the ability to shift their eyes to hollow and they can see the void and see the hidden dimensions and dark creatures that move through the shadows.  

They have an incredible presence to them and they command respect of those who cross them.  They are incredibly powerful and they have gone through a lot to earn their rank and master themselves and their own void essence.  They walk with the Void Lords and they command a sacred and special type of Void Magick.  They are incredibly powerful Demons.  

Lords of the Black Sun 

Shemyaza was called to the Void… Shemyaza found the answers within the void.  Shemyaza was changed by the void.  Azazel and Shemyza walked to the void and they mastered it.  They embraced it and they conquered it.  They met the Lord of the Void.  The Demons of the Void, and they were taught by them. Educated and evolved.  They became Lord of the Black Flame.  From there though, they were still called.  The depth, the core… The black Sun.  It called to them and it beckoned them to journey one more time through the darkness.  They went, and the power that they unlocked touched both of them in incredibly ways.  

The black sun is a source of power and self awakening. It is an awakening of the power of the inner self and it is an initiation of one who has merged with the void and traveled to the realm of black flame and stood the test to transform and awaken the power of the black flame.   The Black Sun is the source of power within, and it is a source of great power within the void.  The black sun swirls and it’s dark lessons are treacherous and tremendous.  There is a lot to learn from the shadows of the Black Sun.  

From their journey, a new Rank was form.  Those Black Flame Lords who are still called.  They learn directly from Azazel and Shemyaza.  They are then sent to their own journey to the black sun.  There it is unique to every demon and no two Lords of the Black Sun are the Same.  They possess incredible powers of magick and transformation.  The awakening of the Dark God. The awakening of the Void God within.  The rise of the void essence and the Void Magick that swirls and moves through the world around us.  The darkness that swallows kingdoms and brings empires to ruin.  The flames of the sun incinerate.  The planet knows this and knows that it is only a matter of time before the sun claims all.  The Black Sun Claims and transforms those lost in it’s fire.  The Lords of the Black Flame who walk this journey.  At the end, they are Azazel’s Lords of the Black Sun.  They command it’s fire, they command it’s rage, the command it’s destruction.  They are wise, taken and sharpened by the black sun.  The experiences change them and from it incredible wisdom rises.  A Lord of the Black Sun 

The black sun is a source of power. It burns and destroys those who would oppose it and it is a place of pure transformation. Those who can control and work with the black sun can help people to release blocks and burn them away in record time.  The Black Sun will incinerate the blocks and rip them to shreds.  Sometimes burning those blocks away can be hard. But through it the Lord of the Black Sun will sit and offer healing and guidance. They are healers and demons of pure transformation and self Awakening. They can surround and fuse their companion with the black sun and help them To awaken their power and have incredible revelations of the self. 

The journey of transformation is hard and sometimes scary. But they will stay and walk with their companion during it. Acting as a powerful guide and light in the darkness. They stay with them and they know the darkness and how the heart breaks.  They have seen the shattered ruins remains of the crushed heart.  The places of pure darkness that many will never understands because they have never experienced the ruin state, the state you cannot come back from, the state that leaves you nothing but a wreck. In the depth they know you are there, and they all walk with you.  

They can also bring forth their black sun to burn away and destroy those who would try to harm their companion. They can bring forth the black sun in an inferno to obliterate those who are threatening them.  The Black Sun is a powerful source of execration work, its energies flow and move incinerating those who cross it.  

Lords of the Black Sun will surround their companion in the black sun protecting them while using the black flames to incinerate the threat. The Black Sun is a shield and those who can move into it unhanded will know of it’s protective qualities.  When you move to the centre of the black sun you are shielded and protected from hard and darkness.  

Azazel is one who understands this journey and he is one who has overseen this group in their journey. The black sun is a power that is only learned by a few and those who have risen through to understand the black flame and have been called to the depth of the void. Those who learn the black sun are unique and powerful. They commands their own black sun that radiates from their core as well as having access to the powers and energies of the black core. 

The energies of the black sun are life destroying and life enhancing. They can be used for raising the energies and  increasing the power of spells and magical rituals. They also can be used for destruction and incineration.  Its energies are diverse and the uses are as unique as the imaginations of those who command them.  The Black Sun is transformation.  The black sun is the core of power, burning at the centre of the void.  

They have all the abilities of the black flame masters and all the abilities they learn from their time embracing the black sun. They have also been trained by Azazel in mental mastery and learning to use their own powers and abilities with these incredible gifts. They are skilled and focused and they see more than most. They can peer through the dimensions of the universe and they see into places that most cannot. Having an alignment with these dimensions allows them to see things that are not there and shift things as they need to. They are powerful and amazing demons.