Demon Assassin

Demon Assassins are the Dark Shadows who loom in the night, ready to strike.  They have special orders and to even be considered for them, the demon must show incredible skill and promise.  The Assassin Orders will not waste their time training an initiate who is unworthy.  The Assassin’s Orders began in the Chaos realm, though other realms had assassins, none of them matched the organization and lethalness of the Chaos Assassins.  Since their induction into the core demon structure, the Chaos Assassin Order have granted membership to individuals from other demon races who show promise but they maintain the discipline and structure of the training that founded them.

Assassins are lethal, they seek out targets and strike with incredible precision.  They are powerful protectors and can be incredible when it comes to removal and banishment of unwanted individuals.  They can cast powerful banishment and baneful magics and can go a long way to the eliminating that which is unwanted in a person’s life.  They also have a very incredible ability to learn things and share information with their companion that should not be known.  They are incredibly stealthy and can shield their companion and take out malicious entities.  They are swift and move like lightning.  They can gather information and deliver it to their companion and they can set traps and ward a space to offer psychic and spiritual protection.

Demon Brigadier

Demon Brigadier  

The Demon Brigadiers assist the Commander and the Generals with organizing their troops and the tasks that they have to oversee.  They organize groups of legions and often can make decisions and take actions when they are away from their commanders or generals.  They have shown incredible skill and leadership.  They understand how to command and lead others as well as using their incredible power and skill.  They work well with groups and they know how to take charge of a situation and lead those under their command to victory.

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Demon Legionnaire

Demon Legionnaire 

The first level of the Demonic Army, the Legionnaires are the troops, they are the fighters, the warriors.  They train hard under their commanders learning about skill and strategy and practicing various battle drills and simulations.  These are demons who have passed the tests and have officially been excepted into the elite ranks of the demonic army.  They are powerful, confident and skilled and they are all enthusiastic and ready to give it their all and go for the top.

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Demon Mages

Demons Mages are masters of magick and sorcery.  They are gifted in the arcane and they have the ability to bend and command the world to their whim.  They can cast incredible and powerful spells and they are masters of magick.  They can help their companion to embrace their natural magickal gifts and help them to charge their spells and rituals and empower them.  They have a vast understanding and ability to channel the energies that are around them and to work with the currents.  

We seek out mages from various areas of study within the demonic realms.  They do tend to specialize in their preferred area though they all have a base understanding of spell craft and ritual work and they are all talented when it comes to manifesting and crafting effective and powerful spells.  Mages are great for helping their companion to add magick to their lives, a companion that brings to them what they have forgotten.  Mages can shift their companion into the spiritual world and help them with soul travel and spiritual exploration.  

They usually are incredible travellers and can also help their companion with astral travel and lucid dreaming.  They can help their companion with psychic development and with awakening dormant sense within them.  Mages have incredible focus and discipline and they have incredible abilities when it comes to working with and directing the energies around them.  They are a talented and incredible group.  

Demon Royalty

Demon Royals are very high ranking members of the core demonic society.  They are very powerful and influential and they command a lot of ability and a lot of respect.  Each member of the demon royalty is different, they have their own unique skills and abilities and the realms that they command are all very unique.

The Royalty of the Core Demonic Alliance are different from the Royals of the individual species, though quite often those who are Royals of their species are granted the same title in their position within the Core Alliance.  Though their duties can differ and those who are Royals within the Core alliance usually have more power.  The members of the Core Alliance are. Nobel Demons, Lowborn Demons, Hellborn Demons, Arachne Demons, Chaos Demons, Spectral Demons, Tempest Demons, Abyssal Demons, Solar Demons and the Fallen Angels.

Demon Royals have access to their own Military units that protect and defend their realms and often work closely with the Commanders of the Demonic Core Army.  They are well connected and if they cannot assist you with a particular task, they can invite other demons they are acquainted with to assist.  They all have unique talents and abilities  and rule their individual realms with their own unique personalities.  

Demonic Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses are the royal titles given to a demon of royal statue or elevation. These demons are from one of the royal families. The Kings and the Queens Oversee realms, the core demon realms and the other demons realms can have different structures and different definitions of what a King and a Queen is.

Demon Spies

Demons Spies are incredible at uncovering information and navigating challenging situations.  They can sneak around and uncover information and deliver it to their companion.  They can also find out pieces of information that their companion should not know about.  They are in the business of information and they take that business very seriously. They know how to disarm energies and they can remove and release negative and malicious energies that are around or attached themselves to their companion.  

They can also stealthily remove unwanted presences and warn their companion if there is danger.  They are a demon who can get things done, they can help their companion to set goals and help shift things so that those goals are attained.  They are focused and can navigate chaotic and horrible situations.  When everything falls apart they can go in and clean it up, finding the best course and helping to repair the damage that was done.  They are incredibly skilled and have a wealth of knowledge and information.  They also can assist with gambling, luck and wealth creation through lucky means.  They can shift the world in favor of their companion.

Demonic Nobility

The Demonic Nobility are the nobles houses who serve under a king and queen in their realm and assist them with overseeing that realm.  They are responsible for the territories of that realm and report directly to their king and/or queen.  The Nobles are a very important part of the structure of the demon realms and help to maintain order in the overall realm, but also allow each realm to have their own independence and set their own rules.  There is a very independent yet organized element to the demonic realms, demons are allowed to have their own freedoms, but they are also organized.

Demonic Scholars

Demonic Scholars are brilliant intellects who devote their life to the study of knowledge and wisdom.  They explore different topics and ideas and are devoted to the preservation of knowledge, history, science, and philosophy.  They are incredibly wise and well read and though they tend to specialize in their preferred fields, they have a wide range of interests and are incredibly brilliant.  They spend their time in the ancient and incredible libraries, learning and expanding their vast knowledge.

They are brilliant in philosophy and understanding the complexities of the world.  They study a variety of topics everything from philosophy too hard sciences.  They love to learn and they have a deep appreciation and passion for books.  They have a lot of knowledge and can help their companion to solve the problems that they have.  Their studies usually lead them to gain magickal talents and they usually are incredibly gifted in magick and application.

They can offer guidance and support and help their companion when they are in trouble and can help them to master their own minds and attain mental mastery.  They have sharp minds and are very brilliant and in control of themselves.  They are incredibly focused and disciplined and they can teach their companion how to attain these things.

They can help their companion to attain their known knowledge and help them in arts such as study and memory retention.  They can help their companion with school and their profession and help them to sharpen their mind.  They know many different tricks to improve one’s memory and also to help one increase their focus and mental power.  The stronger the mind the more capable it is to bend the energies around it and so those who have a sharp and focused mind are very gifted in the magickal arts.

Abyssal Scholars