Barons and Baronesses (Demonic)

Barons and Baronesses – The Demonic Barons and Baronesses of the outer spiritual world are responsible for a pocket of land in a territory and are responsible for governing that land and making sure that everything runs smoothly within that land. The territories of the outer spiritual world are incredibly vast and it does help at…
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Black Seraph

Black Seraph Black Seraph’s are a group that have pushed themselves into the darkness of their demonic lineage after their fall as angels. They fused themselves with the essence of the void also called the black void elixir, which is different from the black flame. The black void elixir is an essence in the void…
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Black Wraith

The Black Wraith Type : SpiritClass : Graveyard, Necromancy Spiritual Layer : Inner Spiritual World,Realm: Eternal Graveyard Realm of the Dead, Realm of Black Death