Demon Assassin

Demon Assassins are the Dark Shadows who loom in the night, ready to strike.  They have special orders and to even be considered for them, the demon must show incredible skill and promise.  The Assassin Orders will not waste their time training an initiate who is unworthy.  The Assassin’s Orders began in the Chaos realm, though other realms had assassins, none of them matched the organization and lethalness of the Chaos Assassins.  Since their induction into the core demon structure, the Chaos Assassin Order have granted membership to individuals from other demon races who show promise but they maintain the discipline and structure of the training that founded them.

Assassins are lethal, they seek out targets and strike with incredible precision.  They are powerful protectors and can be incredible when it comes to removal and banishment of unwanted individuals.  They can cast powerful banishment and baneful magics and can go a long way to the eliminating that which is unwanted in a person’s life.  They also have a very incredible ability to learn things and share information with their companion that should not be known.  They are incredibly stealthy and can shield their companion and take out malicious entities.  They are swift and move like lightning.  They can gather information and deliver it to their companion and they can set traps and ward a space to offer psychic and spiritual protection.

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