Abyssal Warlocks

Devious, Sinister, and Cunning Demonic Abyssal Warlock

Abyssal Warlocks are abyssal demons who work with the darkness of the ocean. The crushing power of the tides and the darkness that sleeps in the void of the unknown. The Black Ocean has darkness that dwells in the deep. Sinister spells and workings done by the warlocks in the tombs of darkness beneath. Their power is drawn from the depth of darkness in the ocean and the mysteries of the shadow. Rare conjures of darkness arise from the depth and the lost and forgotten places of the Black Ocean contain great evil. They walk with this energy and the draw power from it. They excel at execration and baneful magick and they know all curses that are aligned with the dark element of water. Like the storms of the ocean they can bring those to their doom. The ocean floor is lined with their victims and those who they harvest for their dark work. The graves of those lost at sea are their wandering grounds as are the dark energies that rise from their forgotten souls.

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