Abyssal Necromancers

Sullen, Surreal, and Methodical Demonic Abyssal Necromancer 

Abyssal Necromancers have a unique understanding of death and the world beyond the grave. Many of them aligned with the darkness of the sea graves and the corpse that line the ocean floor. Those who have died at sea and the mournful tales that they tell. They understand the sorrow of the sea and how those who sailed away sometimes never return. They can call forth the shadow of death from the depth of the seas and many times they listed to the whispers on the tides to hear. Their magick is drawn from the ocean funerals as the ocean itself is a deep and humble grave, one who claims and takes. The Abyssal Necromancers work with all aspects of death but they have special talents with the darkness of those who have died in water. This goes for lakes and rives as well and those who have been sucked under the currents. The ocean dead are greatly aligned with them and they know the longings of the lost souls who sail aimlessly. They have deep communication methods with the dead and they can shift into the abyssal realms of nightmare and decay. They carry with them sacred energies of their craft and they can call to the lost souls of the sea.

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