Abyssal Mages

Mystical, Majestic, and Sublime Demonic Abyssal Mage

Abyssal Mages have a special touch when it comes to water magick.  They can channel and command the energies of the ocean and charge their spells with these powerful vibrations. They can harness power from the tides and also from the pull of the moon. They are very connected to the water and as such has connections to the emotional layers that are found within.  They can be very powerful healers and can direct and use their magick’s to help their companion to over come sorrow and sadness.  They are beautiful and incredible demons and they have a depth and understanding to them that is as deep as the ocean floor.  They are very deep thinkers and can unravel deep mysteries and complex puzzles.  They are skilled in magick and their magick has a soft touch which can turn violent and deadly in an instant like the ocean storms.

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