Abyssal Artisans

Abyssal Artisans: 

Masters of the Elemental Water Arts. The Mystical and Talented Demonic Abyssal Artisans 

Abyssal Artisans are incredibly skilled in the arts, they incorporate the element of water into their craft and they are masters at using its strength and power to carve out powerful designs and pieces.  They are sculptors, clay workers, stone workers.  they are known for their ability to design the incredible displays on the buildings and temples of their realms.  They harness the power of the water and they work with the elements to bring to life their designs.

They spend years learning to work with the water to and carve their designs for the most exquisite and incredible precisions.  They are masters of the arts and of the element of water as well as the dark element of black water.  They minx and combine the balance of the pure element and the dark element to create incredible and whimsical designs that excite the mind and inspire the senses.  They can assist their companion in awakening and harnesses the black water within them and learning to use the dark elements for creative purposes.

They can inspire the awakening of the creative mind and can help their companion to embrace their creative essence and follow their dreams.  They are powerful i assisting with astral travel and lucid dreaming development.  They can also help their companion to use their dreams to create the art that is their life all around them.

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