Abyssal Angels

Type : Outer Spiritual World God Entity Class : Angel Spiritual World Layer : Outer Spiritual World Realm: Abyssal Realm

Abyssal Current Walkers

Skilled, Sublime and Mystical Demonic Abyssal Current Walkers Abyssal Current Walkers are unique abyssal demons who understand the currents and the death they can bring.  They are masters in navigation and can tell when there are coming storms.  They understand the waters and they can tell the messages that they bring.  They read and can…
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Abyssal Deep Explorers

Elusive, Mysterious, and Forsaken Demonic Abyssal Deep Explorers  At the bottom of the black ocean, there is mystery and there is darkness.  there are some Abyssal Demons who dwell down there.  They explore the darkness and they are accustomed to it.  They know the dark chill of the ocean and the solitude that comes from being…
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Abyssal Demon Deep Ones

A Rare group of Abyssal Demons who reside at the bottom of the black ocean.  They are blind but have other sense that compensates as they did not need their eyes at that depth. They have a very etheric and dark appearance and they are incredible when i comes to divination and the exploration of…
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Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons: Type : Outer Spiritual World God Entity Class : Demon Spiritual World Layer : Outer Spiritual World Realm: Abyssal Realm

Abyssal Tidal Dancers

Alluring, Divine, and Sensational Demonic Abyssal Tidal Dancer   Abyssal Tidal Dancers of the Abyssal Realm are unique and incredible beauties.  They are stunning dancers who move and sway with the tides.  They are incredible performers and artists of the Abyss.  They move through the tides and the sands of the black ocean and their…
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Abyssal Tidal Readers

Majestic, Surreal, and Inspiring Demonic Abyssal Tidal Readers  Abyssal tidal readers are gifted diviners who can read and make sense of the signs given to them by the ocean.  They know when danger is coming and they also know when the pat his safe.  They can also reveal the safest path through the darkness and…
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Alpha Legionnaire

Demon Alpha Legionnaire When a legionnaire has proven themselves to be a skilled fighter and an incredible role model they are given the rank of Alpha legionnaire to show their commitment and dedication to their training.  They are powerful warriors and incredible leaders.  They know how to inspire and rise the energies of those around…
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Arachne Demons

We present to you an exciting new discovery from the Priestess’s of Satan and Suns/Sons, for the month of October. Originally uncovered by Eilana on one of her Astral Travels and Verified and Confirmed by Priestess Akelta, we present to you this incredible new Demon Species… the Arachne Demons of the Outer spiritual Realm. Located in…
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Barons and Baronesses (Demonic)

Barons and Baronesses – The Demonic Barons and Baronesses of the outer spiritual world are responsible for a pocket of land in a territory and are responsible for governing that land and making sure that everything runs smoothly within that land. The territories of the outer spiritual world are incredibly vast and it does help at…
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